Behind the Lens

At Xentric Studio, our years of experience in photography, videography and graphic design help us excel at pushing the creative boundaries. We enter every project with the passion and desire to create something unparalleled. We are committed to our clients and hold the highest standard for every piece of art we create.

Andria Smith - Photographer and Graphic Designer

Andria was born in a small town north of Chicago and raised in a rural area of Wisconsin. Growing up in a family with her father being an artist, her childhood was nothing short of a creative dream.

Art was always a very important part of Andria's life, so her decision to become a high school art teacher was easy. After achieving her teaching degree, Andria realized her passion for graphic design and photography and decided to stay in school and learn more. She graduated with a Bachelor's in Fine Arts with a minor in photography, graphic design and ceramics.

After graduating, Andria moved to Las Vegas. Las Vegas has proven to be a great place to own a small business and provides a beatiful backdrop for stunning photography. Click here to check out Andria's design blog.

Scott Dedoes - Videographer

Scott grew up near Chicago and attended college at Michigan State University. His passion for film and love of advertising steered him towards a B.A. in Advertising with a minor in Telecommunications. The program had an emphasis in digital media arts which provided extensive film training.

Scott moved to Las Vegas and worked in advertising sales, putting his creativity on hold. After a few years, his passion for the arts and desire for independence led him to branch out and return to videography. Scott's experience and training shows in his impeccable work. Years of customer service and sales experience taught him to make the client's happiness a must, and it still remains the number one priority with Xentric Studio.